Using a wood-fired cob oven is a ancient method of cooking.
Perfect, then, for the 21st Century foodie.

Why cob? Because using cob allows you to build your own oven. Building with cob is fun!

Cob is a material with a clean conscience. Using the clay from under our feet, mixed with sand and straw, it has been a staple building material to millions across the globe for millennia.
In the Americas they call it adobe. No energy-hungry cement is used in the mix, and no machinery is required for construction. This is a truly accesible and sustainable method of building that connects us to our environment, and nourishes both our soul and our body.


The ovens above left and centre are examples of traditional ovens found in Mexico and Egypt, and on the right is an ancient Roman figurine of a baker and oven. (Images © respective owners)

Wood-fired ovens are becoming a foodie must-have. Your BBQ will gather cobwebs while you explore the delights of roasting and baking in a way that lights up your senses. Your roasts will be succulent and your pizzas will cook in seconds. Nothing beats a cob oven for the centre of attention at a party. Everyone will want to try their hand at baking a pizza, and will gather around the oven long into the night.

Burning wood is a low carbon process. No fossil fuel here. This is sustainable cooking, and if you burn fruit woods you'll be adding a very special accent to your dishes indeed.

A cob oven isn't just about pizza. You'll be baking bread, roasting vegetables, broiling meats - the only limit is your imagination. Learn to embrace this relaxed style of cooking, and you've got yourself an evening's entertainment that will have you heading back to the larder in search of more ingredients to try out. Prepare to inspire the creative chef in you!

There are a growing number of ready-made wood-fired ovens on the market, yours for around £1500 upwards. A cob oven, however, can be made for much less.
We can show you how: attend one of our courses, or we can run a workshop at your venue.

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"{the course} exceeded my expectations.
We met some fascinating people and Matthew was
so full of practical information and enthusiasm.
Best day out this year. We now know building
our own oven is a real possibility."


one day workshops
"The original and best oven workshop"
2022 dates
23rd July
13th August
20th August
All vouchers remain valid until fulfilled

Location: Leintwardine, Herefordshire
Start: 09.30am, finish approx 5.00pm
Limited to eight places per workshop to ensure the best experience.
One day cob oven workshop that includes lighting, using and caring for your oven.
We start the day by lighting our existing oven so we can then bake our wood-fired lunch, then go on to build an oven throughout the day, covering materials, techniques and processes.
HERE to book, or email or call:
Call Matthew Lloyd on 07974 955196
or email :

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